Due to Injuries Company Now Offering Pokemon Go Insurance

It may get you out of the house and walking around, but just in the short few weeks since its release, Pokémon Go has been wrecking serious damage against its unaware players.

Reports are coming in from all over of distracted players getting bruises, scrapes and broken bones. In fact, the State Department of Transportation in Washington issued a warning about playing Pokémon Go while driving.
Don’t believe us? Check out some of Pokémon Go’s latest victims:

It might seem like common sense, but if you’re like one of the millions who's "Gotta Catch 'Em All", here are some tips for staying safe while you’re out and about:
  • • First and foremost, stay alert to your surroundings while you’re playing the game.
  • • Never play while you’re behind the wheel of a car, in fact, we recommend putting your phone away entirely while you are driving.
  • • Be wary of posting your location on social media as criminals can use that information to target you.
Remember: Have fun and stay safe “Catching ‘Em All” but if something happens and things get out of hand, make sure you have the right coverage to protect you and your family.
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