Finding your Auto Insurance Policy Confusing? - Palmdale, Lancaster and Tehachapi, CA

Most insured’s are not sure what is covered and what isn’t covered on their car insurance policies. Many states have had to enact “readability laws” to insure that insured’s can comprehend their auto policy coverage.

For example, many customers in the Antelope Valley don’t understand the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage.

Generally, comprehensive coverage applies to damages when the policy holder is not driving the vehicle, such as fire, theft, vandalism, glass damage or when a tree falls on the vehicle while it’s parked in your driveway. To make a claim for damages that happen in an auto accident, you’d need collision coverage as well.

When it comes to understanding your auto coverage’s you should certainly contact or stop by your local insurance agency to get a full understanding of what you are covered for in the event of an accident.

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