When is Umbrella Insurance Necessary? - Palmdale, Lancaster and Tehachapi, CA

Imagine in the unfortunate event that you are in an at-fault accident in which you caused more than $50,000 of bodily injury to the other party than you are covered for under your basic auto insurance policy, could you afford to pay that amount out-of-pocket?

How can you protect yourself and your assets in this event?

Umbrella Insurance, also known as a Personal Umbrella Policy, provides extra protection beyond the limited coverage’s of auto policies and basic homeowner policies.

For example, if someone was to trip, fall and get injured on your property and your liability limit of $300,000 on your homeowner’s policy does not cover the amount of their medical payments and now you are being sued for pain and suffering and loss wages.

Your Personal Umbrella Policy would provide that extra coverage, protecting you, your bank account and your assets. 

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