Earthquake Insurance in Southern California

Earthquakes can be a very shocking experience. With earthquakes being unpredictable, it is not only smart but essential to make sure that you and your family are protected from any kind of harm or damage.

We are a trusted Earthquake Insurance provider, and we want to help you. We'll find you the proper plan and bring you the ideal support structure. With smart insurance coverage, you'll feel secure and be prepared for anything.


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What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

The basic earthquake insurance in California typically includes the following aspects:

Dwelling Coverage
This part covers damages within your home, up to a certain limit. It doesn't cover exterior aspects of your property, such as fences, masonry, landscaping, pools, and separate buildings.

Personal Property Coverage
This coverage pays for damaged material belongings inside your home. These objects may include furniture, television sets, and computers. Fragile objects, such as fine china or crystals, are only covered if you have the optional breakables coverage.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE) or Loss of Use
If you have to live in another location while your area is evacuated or your home is repaired, the ALE covers temporary and extra costs for living somewhere else. Expenses include the temporary rental of a home, apartment, or hotel room, restaurant meals, a temporary telephone line, moving and storage, furniture rental, and laundry bills.

What Doesn't Earthquake Insurance Cover?

The following items are excluded from earthquake insurance coverage within California:

Fire damages as a result of an earthquake
Land damages such as sinkholes from erosion
Vehicle damages due to an earthquake
Flood damages from sewers or flood as a result of an earthquake

Why Choose Cullen Insurance?

You can count on Cullen Insurance Agency to be your expert in handling your earthquake insurance needs. Our expert team is here to assist you and your family after an earthquake. We're here to help bring you back on your feet after an unexpected natural disaster.

Having numerous locations all over Southern California, we know and understand the importance of a reliable insurance provider. Reach out to our offices in Palmdale or Tehachapi, and we can discuss coverage plans to protect yourself, your home, your condominium, your business, or your vehicle. Secure your future with Cullen Insurance Agency, and be ready for anything.