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General Liability Insurance For Southern California

General liability insurance (GLI) is a type of insurance that is carried by many different businesses. General liability insurance in CA can protect you and your business from a variety of claims including property damage, personal injury, bodily injury, and so much more.

If held liable, your business is legally responsible to pay for damages that resulted from your operations, products, or services. Like most insurance plans, the GLI provides compensation for the medical expenses and legal fees due to physical injuries and property damages tied to your company.

Most general liability insurance offers reimbursement for your business. In most states, the policy covers claims for the following damages:

Third-party Bodily Injury
Your policy includes bodily injury liability coverage, so it can pay for any injuries to a person that occur within your business site.

Third-party Property Damage
Property damage liability coverage provides compensation for repairs and replacement costs in case you or your employees damage a client's property or belongings.

Reputational Harm
GLI covers legal expenses against libel or slander cases to your business.

Advertising Injury
Your coverage pays for legal expenses if your company gets involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit for advertisement-related matters.

We understand that running a business can be tough, and that’s why our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you get the coverage and protection you need for your business. Our mission is to help you feel secure and prepared for anything with smarter insurance, so you can work without having to worry.

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You can count on Cullen Insurance Agency to be your expert in handling your general liability insurance needs. Our expert team is here to provide our award-winning services for you and your business. We offer all types of insurance, including homeowners coverage and real estate policy. Having numerous locations all over Southern California, we know and understand the importance of a reliable insurance provider. With proper coverage, you’ll always be protected and prepared for unforeseen events.

Call Cullen Insurance today at (661) 948-4444 and discover why we are the best in general liability insurance.

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