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Condo Insurance For Southern California

A Condominium is a great investment for many Americans who want to be in a more desirable location with a close community. Although you own your own property, condo insurance is closer to a renters policy.

Condo insurance covers your personal belongings from damage. It can help pay for expenses created by:

Condo Insurance and Your HOA:

Many people assume that their HOA will cover condominium insurance but this is incorrect. Your HOA's insurance will cover some parts of the building structure but does not cover your personal belongings.

A condo policy with Cullen Insurance will help you repair or replace your belongings in the event of loss or damage.

Let Us Help Protect Your Family

Our life insurance specialists can create coverage to meet your individual family or business needs, while still keeping in mind the need to hold down costs. Our mission is to provide you quality coverage at reasonable costs. Get the best life insurance policy protection available to you in Southern California.

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