Earthquake Survival Checklist. Be Prepared!

Following the biggest California earthquake in nearly a decade, people everywhere are asking how they can protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of another. In this post we will lists of tips that will help you: Before the earthquake During the earthquake After the earthquake Before The Earthquake Put together an emergency…

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Spot & Avoid the Scams When Buying a Used Car

buying a used car

Extra care is needed when buying a used car because pre-owned cars can have a history of accidents or have costly mechanical issues.  Used car scams tend to focus less on confusion and hard sales tactics and instead try to conceal important facts about the vehicle. This can include the vehicle’s accident history, title history, mileage,…

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What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Rental Property?

Living room in CA rental property

In this post, Century 21 goes over the options available depending on your particular situation. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the particular insurance company before signing any contracts! Your homeowner’s policy may not cover incidents occurring while someone stays in your rental property. That’s why it’s important to understand when and…

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Home Tree Maintenance In The Antelope Valley

A Yucca Palm Tree

A well-maintained tree is often the central setpiece to a beautiful garden or a much-needed shelter from the desert sun. If you have a tree on your property, a lack of maintenance can render it a danger to your home or a future financial concern. When it comes to insurance trees can be a tricky…

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What You Need To Know About Insurance When It Snows

Cullen Insurance agency in Tehachapi

Most people in Southern California don’t consider how snow can affect their insurance until it’s already falling. With reports of more snow coming in this week we wanted to answer some questions about how snow might affect your policies. We’ll cover what kind of snow related damage might be covered and how to avoid the…

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Our Staff Reviews

Reviews of our agents

Our staff is the most important thing in our organization. That’s why its great to read reviews about individuals or teams that were able to give great customer service. Here is a collection of reviews from customers that decided to highlight our staff. Thank you to everyone who left one! GRADY L.January 24, 2019I like…

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Why I Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Hello, my name is Briana Silva and I am a Customer Service Representative for the Cullen Insurance Agency in Ventura, CA. As an agency, we will be participating this April’s Relay for Life in Ventura, CA.  I thought I would share with you why I not only joined Relay For Life, but also volunteer with…

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