People That Secure Their Homes Save By Switching To Allstate

Allstate Offers Many More Discounts On Protected Homes

Both Allstate and Statefarm offer savings for having a safer home. However, Allstate gives many more discounts and at a better rate than Statefarm. See the table below to see just how much people are saving by switching to Allstate.

Automatic Sprinklers 10% 5-10%
Claim Free On Renewal 15% 9-24%
Dead Bolt Locks 5% None
Protective Devices 5-15% 2-15%
Fire Resistant Roof 15% None
Senior Credit 10% None
Central Station Fire Alarm 10% 3%
Local Burglar Alarm 5% 3%
Police Station Burglar Alarm 10% 3%
Central Station Fire Alarm 10% 4%
Local Fire Alarm 5-10% 2%
Police Station Fire Alarm 10% None
Fire Station Reporting Alarm 10% 4%
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