Traffic School and Your Auto Insurance Premium - Palmdale, CA

How Does Traffic School Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium?

Many drivers who receive traffic violations pay their fines, take the points on their driving record and then they see an increase to the auto insurance premium.

Most traffic violation points stay on your driving record for 3 years. That means you are stuck with a higher premium until those points fall off.

Attending traffic school can prevent those points from being added to your driving record, which in turn will keep your premium down. And who doesn't like a low auto insurance premium?

Why Will Your Rates Decrease After Attending Traffic School?

The more points on your record, the more of an at-risk driver you are considered to be. An At-Risk Driver is someone who is not able to Safely Operate a vehicle. Therefore a higher premium will be charged to you for coverage being that you are more likely to cause an accident that could potentially injure another party or yourself.

Attending traffic school helps prevent those points from being added on your driving record helping you maintain a safe driving record, therefore saving you hundreds of dollars on an auto insurance premium.

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