What You Need To Know About Insurance When It Snows

Cullen Insurance agency in Tehachapi

Most people in Southern California don’t consider how snow can affect their insurance until it’s already falling. With reports of more snow coming in this week we wanted to answer some questions about how snow might affect your policies. We’ll cover what kind of snow related damage might be covered and how to avoid the…

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Is Your Boat Safe in the Harbor?

Boats in a harbor

Your boat may be docked in the harbor for winter, but will it be wrecked when you find it in the spring? Ice and snow can quickly build up and damage your boat if let unattended for the season without performing any maintenance. Don’t let repair bills prevent you from enjoying the water when it…

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5 Ways To Lower The Cost of Your Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance savings

If you’re looking to cut back on expenses, you might think of obvious solutions. Going out less frequently and eating at home instead of at restaurants are ways to save a lot of money. Did you know though that you could also be saving money on your homeowner’s insurance? Let’s review five ways you can…

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The Benefits of Bundling

bundling options for insurance

With age and experience, you begin to understand how vital it is to protect yourself, your family, and your assets through purchasing insurance. If you already insure yourself (car insurance), your family (life insurance), and your assets (homeowner’s insurance), then you need to know how bundling can immediately benefit you. One benefit you’ll find when…

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Car Insurance is Affordable, Even for College Students

Young woman driving a car

When shopping for automobile insurance it’s usually a process of not only finding the best deal, but finding the right package as well. It’s important for anyone, especially college students, to find the right plan just for them and their needs. Here are some tips for you college students out there looking for auto insurance.…

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6 Tips to Help You Save on Car Insurance

Good drivers in a car

It’s no secret that there are multiple factors that can affect your auto insurance policy – we wanted to share some of Allstate’s tips on how to save money on your auto insurance policy. Multiple-Policy Discount Be sure to always speak to your insurance agent and see if there are any “bundling” discounts available to…

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6 Ways to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance!

Multiple Policy Discounts: If you have your auto insurance, or any other insurance policies with an insurance provider be sure to check with them about multiple policy discounts that could be available for you and could give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance (as well as any other insurance policies you hold with them).…

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Best Insurance In Palmdale, Lancaster and Tehachapi, CA

We always appreciate when our insureds give us positive feedback on there experience with our agency.  Maria R. had this to say this to say about our Palmdale office ” I always feel I get the best service and attention when I come into your office and I will recomend all of my friends and…

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