SoCal Spring is Motorcycle Season

motorcycle on open road

Springtime in Southern California is the perfect environment for riding motorcycles. That’s why we have a large population of motorcyclists in our state. If you’re one of the many bikers in our state, then you’re probably getting ready to take your ride out again now that the weather is fair. Take a look at this…

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5 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident

Are you a rider? If so, then you know how awesome riding can be! The sense of freedom is something beautiful, and only truly understood by those who ride. If you’re an experienced rider, then you know exactly how scary the open road can be. Accidents can be minor or severe, but a motorcycle related…

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Motorcycle Insurance – Get a Quote Now for FREE!

How much do you know about motorcycle insurance? For example, did you know that the more expensive a bike is, like a Harley, the more it needs to be insured? Also, it is important to have a good driving record before you purchase and insure a bike, because a good driving record will lower the…

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Motorcycle Insurance Lancaster, Palmdale and Tehachapi, CA

Motorcycle riders everywhere are charging battery’s, checking tire pressure, and putting a good coat of wax on their bikes.  Getting ready for that first warm afternoon, when they can get out on the highway. All motorcycle riders look forward to the first spring ride in the country.By purchasing motorcycle insurance for your recreational motorcycle, you are…

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Women’s Motorcycle Month

July is Women’s Motorcycles Month and what better way to celebrate than to take your bike out for a nice summer cruise. While you’re out, give yourself piece of mind that you are fully covered in the event of an accident. Motorcyle Insurance keeps you protected in the event you’re in an accident that involves…

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