A Simple Guide To Business Insurance For Realtors

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Why do realtors need business insurance? Most real estate agents are independent contractors who work under a brand name. Realtors provide services to a company like ReMax or Berkshire Hathaway but are not employees. There are specific benefits and windfalls to this status. While being an independent contractor grants you a measure of freedom and…

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Is your business protected from irresponsible patrons?


An Inn near Lake Michigan can be held responsible for a ten-year-old girl suffering burn injuries by walking on hot coals hidden underneath the sand. The appeals court ruled that the business can be sued for damages because they had prior knowledge of patrons sometimes starting fires on the section of beach owned by the…

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Is your business protected from the cost of worker’s compensation?


Overexertion and injuries from falling cost companies over $25 billion annually.  Accidents on the job have serious repercussions on your business. An employee may require medical attention and time off to recover if he or she is severely hurt. Don’t risk being liable and having to pay exorbitant medical bills because the employee was injured…

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Benefits of Commercial Insurance? – Palmdale, Lancaster and Tehachapi, CA

Any business owner will benefit from commercial Insurance since it reduces the risk you may encounter . You can insure your company’s assets, real estate and the health of all your employees (by offering group health insurance). If you are an attorney, property appraiser or other professional who gives advice and writes and administers contracts or other binding written business, you will benefit…

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Business Insurance

At Cullen Insurance Agency we’ve got you covered on more than just your auto insurance and homeowners insurance.  We also offer Business Insurance to protect you in every way possible from any potential losses that could come your way. We understand all of the hard work that goes into your business and we will be there to protect all that you’ve earned.…

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