Distracted Drivers – How To Break The Habit

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We live in a world where distraction is the new normal, especially when it comes to our electronic devices.

According to Allstate, accidents caused by distracted drivers has been steadily on the rise.

We can always alter our ways for the better though – it’s not too late! To help our distractions, it’s good to know the different types of distractions we could face while behind the wheel.

According to The U.S. Department of Transportation, there are three different types of distractions while you’re on the road.
Different Forms of Distractions

  • Cognitive: When your focus is taken off of the road.
  • Visual: When you take your eyes off of the road.
  • Manual: When you take your hands off of the wheel.

Texting and talking on the phone are not the only forms of distraction a driver could deal with on the road – there are other things, for example: changing the radio, eating, drinking, or even passengers could be a possible distraction for the driver.

Anyone has the potential to lose focus on the road. It’s important to always stay alert and attentive on the road while you’re driving. Allstate offers some great tips for safe-driving, distraction-free.

  • Get directions before heading on the road. Although we don’t use maps anymore, or at least not nearly as much, many of us still rely on our GPS while driving. Instead of getting distracted by your phone be sure to have your GPS volume up and your directions ready to go before hitting the road.
  • Passengers are there to help. If available on your steering wheel, be sure to use the controls on theirs versus the controls on the dashboard. If anything, if you have a passenger in the car – be sure to ask for their help as well while you’re behind the wheel.
  • Keep cell phones out of reach, and on silent. This will save you from a lot of distractions. This is definitely the best and surest way to not be distracted by that bright, little screen alerting you almost every minute about a new tweet, text, or Facebook notification.
  • Make sure to park when eating. We know how convenient fast food can be, especially when you’re on the run. There’s no harm in taking just a few minutes to park and eat before getting back on the road though.

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