Fire Safety Tips: Be Careful Everyone in the SCV

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of people affected by the wildfire currently going on in Santa Clarita. Unfortunately, some high winds are spreading the fire even more rapidly now!

Please call and speak with our insurance representatives to get protected today, we are worried for our community during this time, as well as the aftermath! You can reach us at (661) 948-4444.

It’s hot, dry, and the winds are insane – Are you prepared? Is your family? Friends? Acquaintances even? Always plan ahead, especially right now. Here are some tips on fire prevention in the meantime:

– Keep flammable objects at least three (3) feet away from any open flame, such as: cloth, wood, paper, etc.
– Do you have a sprinkler system set up? Keeping the area cool and wet will help with fires that are spreading quickly and this gives you a little extra time.
– Fire Extinguishers! It’s important to keep one in the kitchen as well as your garage.
– Remove clutter from the kitchen.
– Teach you and your family about fire safety, and plan for an evacuation at any time. Don’t forget your pets if you have any!
– Install smoke alarms, and do not disable them. It’s important to test them on a monthly basis and always have fresh batteries in just in case of an emergency.
– And as always, remember to insure your home with fire insurance coverage.  

We here at Cullen Insurance Agency are with the community now more than ever. Please give us a call at (661) 948-4444 to discuss getting protected TODAY.

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