How To Free Your Car From Mud

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Winter storms bring muddy roads, and if you’re not careful, your vehicle can easily get stuck. 

Depending on where you are, it could be a while before any help reaches you, so it’s important that you know these two techniques to free your car from a mire if you’re alone.

1. Rock back and forth
Sometimes your vehicle is stuck, but can still inch forward. If this is the case, then accelerate a short distance, then allow the car to slide backward. 

Creating a swinging motion can provide enough momentum to break free of the bog.

2. Use artificial traction
If the first method doesn’t work, then you will need to add some extra grip for your tires.

Clean all the mud and residue from your tires and then find an object to place underneath them. Be resourceful and use your surroundings if you don’t have anything in the car that can help.

Use tree branches, logs, rocks, floor mats, refuse, or anything else that is dry and has some surface area.

Sometimes you have a bad accident and can’t do anything to help yourself. Just make sure you have the proper coverage to repair any damage should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

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