Some Winter Driving Tips

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As stated in our previous blog on some care tips for your car during these colder months – driving during this weather is dangerous!

It’s important to be extra cautious during this time of the year because of all the winter-related accidents that could potentially happen. Today we’re going to go over some winter driving tips to help you during this time of the year be a little more prepared on the road. These tips were provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) and Ready.gov.

Prepare for the Weather in Advance

Here are some ways that you can better prepare for the winter weather in advance before hitting the roads.

  • Plan your route. Be sure to take precautions, know where you’re going, and check what the weather looks like at your destination and on the way there.
  • Clean your car of any ice, dirt, or snow as necessary.
  • Refill your windshield washer fluid. Perhaps some de-icing windshield fluid will really help on those frosty mornings.
  • Make sure those windshield wipers, as well as your defroster are working. You want to make sure you can see while driving!
  • Be sure to check your Coolant, and Anti-Freeze. If you don’t know where to find these, be sure to ask your mechanic about it if you take your car in.
  • As stated in the previous blog post, try to prepare an emergency winter kit as well, which should include some or all of the following:
    • Flashlight
    • Shovel
    • Water
    • Batteries
    • Battery Powered Radio
    • Windshield Scraper/Small Broom
    • Snacks
    • Extra Clothes
    • Blanket
    • Matches
    • First-Aid Kit
    • Medications
    • Knife
    • Rope/Chain
    • Emergency Flare
    • Fluorescent Distress Flag
    • Road Salt/Sand
    • Booster Cables
  • Have your mechanic look at the following things, and perform the following procedures on your car:
    • Car battery.
    • Winter Tune-Up.

Driving Tips for Winter Driving

Here are some ways that you can better prepare for the winter weather when you’re on the road.

  • Firstly, if the weather is too bad, be sure to pull over if it’s safe to do so and wait for calmer conditions before getting back on the road.
  • Remember to keep your gas tank as close to full as possible!
  • Driver slower. Leave more room between you and other cars as it can take longer to stop on wet and icy roads.
  • Avoid sudden braking.
  • If you skid, remain calm and ease your foot off the accelerator. Be sure to steer in the direction you want the front of the vehicle to go to help guide your car to a safe location.

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