Allstate’s Hilarious Mayhem Commercials Ranked

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Here are our top 20 funny Allstate commercials featuring Mayhem (played by Dean Winters) ruining someone’s day. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1 – Mayhem is your cat

Mayhem is the terrible cat you invited into your home creating anarchy and destroying property as it plans your demise.

This is the perfect Mayhem commercial. Loads of funny and relatable situations in quick succession with hilarious lines. The “billion years of tiger DNA” still has us cracking up and eyeing our cats suspiciously.

Every joke is golden, from Mayhem spitting out bird feathers to his face when he pushes the candle. Hat’s off to Dean Winters for his great acting in this commercial.

Best line – “You think this is love?”

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2 – Mayhem is a car thief

Mayhem introduces himself as the guy that’s about to steal your car before smashing the side window with a flagpole and racing away.

Simple but amazing. This is a personal favorite that really highlights Winters’ great comedy acting. It’s so funny how Mayhem keeps repeating “What?!” back at the car owner in different voices.

Best line – “What?!”

3 – Mayhem is a bunch of wind

A woman’s restaurant experience is shattered when a little wind throws her garden furniture through her windows at home.

I love commercials that feature someone enjoying their day and checking their home cameras to see Mayhem destroying their belongings. If you live in a windy place (like I do) then you’ll have heard horror stories of parasols taking off across garden fences. The commercial also highlights that even with modern home cameras Mayhem can still strike.

Best line – “Just like your stomach after that strip mall sushi, I’m a little unpredictable.”

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4 – Mayhem is the forbidden apple

In an Allstate commercial of epic proportions Allstate charts Mayhem throughout the ages.

Mayhem certainly made a splash with this epic Superbowl commercial. While it isn’t the funniest of all the commercials, it’s amazing in its scope and editing. This may just be the biggest budget that Allstate has ever given a commercial.

Mayhem handing out referee cards to a room of obviously useless and unlikeable is priceless.

Best line – “They’ve brought us a horse, open the gates!”

5 – Mayhem is a teenage girl

A teenage SUV driver with other things on her mind hits your car in a parking lot and speeds away.

There’s something wonderful about Mayhem announcing that he’s a teenage girl while driving around in a pink SUV that makes me chuckle. He says it with such conviction you can picture him speeding away to cause some more mayhem to his (her?) BFF.

Bonus points to the bedazzled phone. Like, OMG.

Best Line – “Well that’s a problem, because I like Johnny”

6 – Mayhem is a cleaning lady

The terrible cleaning lady you hired trips on loose carpeting and becomes a big problem.

Great shots of Mayhem barely trying to clean the house. Breaking the china, ripping the curtains and, gulp, vacuuming the fish. This commercial has lots of great ideas in quick succession. The finale with him falling down the stairs made me wince but I loved his face as he slowly rocked backward.

Best line – “I’m here in your home having a pretty spectacular Tuesday”

7 – Mayhem is a St. Bernard ft. Tina Fey

Meyhem tries his hand at being a distracting slobby dog before the driver puls herself together.

Hats off to Tina Fey for starring in these two Drivewise commercials where Mayhem finally meets his match.

These commercials don’t actually have that much destruction in them and rely on the comedy duo of Fey and Winters to make us laugh.

Best line – “I say you eat poo earlier.”

7.5 – Mayhem is your mother in law ft. Tina Fey

Mayhem puts on the makeup to try and distract Tina Fey as her mother in law.

The second of the new Drivewise commercials relies on witty and relatable banter to bring the laughs. This feels like a throwback to something from 30 Rock, did Tina have a hand in the writing?

Best line – “This is my son’s favorite color, you should try it”

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8 – Mayhem is a toddler

A toddler in the back seat making a lot of noise and mess. You can probably guess what happens next.

I like to imagine actor Dean Winters has a lot of fun making these commercials. He certainly looks like he’s having fun here.

The genius of this commercial is in its simplicity. It doesn’t need to say anything other than ‘mommy’ over and over. You know what is about to happen and it lets you fill in the blanks.

Best line – Only line – “Mommy!”

9 – Mayhem is an orthodontist (bad DIY)

A poor DIY attempt sends a saw through your back door.

A short, simple commercial that successfully flips between funny and cringe. It makes you wonder just how good you are at DIY.

The funniest bit of this commercial is hearing the saw still going off inside the house and imagining what chaos it’s making.

Best line – “Perfect!”

10 – Mayhem is a tailgater

A driver is focusing too much on his rearview mirror to notice the truck in front of him.

This commercial is so relatable! I’ve spent far too much time laughing at tailgaters in the rearview mirror which occasionally results in a very close call.

This is a good time to highlight Mayhem’s creepy laugh at the end of the commercials and fun music. What a great way to play them out.

Best line – “I’m a tailgater tailgating to get to my tailgate”

11 – Mayhem is a parking guy

Mayhems cheap parking business causes complete chaos on game day. This one looks like it would have been fun to set up. I like seeing all the background antics that are just out of focus. It’s funny to see him ruin more than one person’s day at once.

Best line – “Come on pal, you got this, there you go”

10 – Mayhem is your GPS

It’s great seeing Mayhem relaxing on your dashboard casually giving directions to the driver. His little smile to the camera before yelling is perfectly timed.

Best line – “Recalculating!”

11 – Mayhem is everyone with a case of the dropsies

In 2018 Mayhem decided to target everyone with a case of the dropsies and gave us a range of facepalm football moments. The idea of someone opening a portapotty door to ask them fish for their phone is cringe-worthy, I hope no one has ever had that happen to them.

Dean Winters’ great timing is on display again with the tilt of his head when he drops the match in the BBQ.

Best line – “I think I dropped a match. I did”.

12 – Mayhem is your blind spot

Allstate upped the budget for this short commercial which looks close to an action movie. It’s great watching Mayhem’s face as the car spins in slow motion.

Best line – “You’re good”

13 – Mayhem is golf ball-sized hail

Not much cause for concern for hail where we live, but the commercial gets points for looking like it could have been filmed in the Antelope Valley. Also, are those Santa hats on his gold clubs?

Allstate had a lot of fun with this short advert.

Best line – “get it?”

14 – Mayhem is your overly confident dog walker

Another Allstate commercial featuring someone checking their cameras and finding Mayhem at home. This one brings the laughs when Mayhem trips and hits his head releasing all of his dogs over the garden.

Best line – “You’re not Kevin.” “I am today.”

15 – Mayhem is a Raccoon

A classic Mayhem antic featuring lots of shots with him tearing up your house. Dean winters has the most fun when he’s pretending to be an animal. This manic raccoon is one of his best.

Best line – “I’m the smartest raccoon I know”

16 – Mayhem is the kid in 5B

I don’t know if this one was fun to make, but it’s sure fun to watch. As someone with kids, I can easily imagine something like this happening when I’m not looking.

Best line – “I’m the kid in 5B who’s making it rain in 4B”

17 – Mayhem is your guard dog

One of the most common running jokes around my home is just how easy my dog would be to bribe if we were ever robbed. This commercial takes advantage of that perfectly.

It gets one more laugh (and a good point) at the end when Mayhem’s shock collar goes off as the thieves make off with all of your belongings.

Best line – “Hey! You guys are great”

18 – Mayhem is an aspiring beauty blogger

Mayhem tries to get down with the kids by pretending to be an aspiring beauty blogger and starting a fire with hair straighteners.

Tthe white stripes under his eyes and the cut above his eye look so funny together. They could have put a little more effort into the way he looks, but his lines are great.

Best line – “That’s a big thumbs down emoji”

19 – Mayhem is a filthy rich executive

A rich guy is a nice car drops his coffee when the stock market crashes and you have to deal with the consequences.

Mayhem whispering the plot into the camera makes me think of a caper movie. His whispered line about suing being what the executive does for living caps this commercial out nicely.

This is one of the more complicated commercials but I can’t help but cringe at the terrible situation this young guy just fell into.

Best line – “So I sue you because thats what I do”

20 – Mayhem is a hot jogger

Mayhem is jogging down the road wearing a comically pink headband and weights. A driver is distracted by his “headband” and crashes.

This driver probably got what was deserved. Mayhem’s smile as the driver goes by is priceless.

Best line – “I’m making sure this stays a ten.”

Did we miss any?

Did we miss any of your favorites? Leave us a link in the comments and don’t forget to share!

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