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A well-maintained tree is often the central setpiece to a beautiful garden or a much-needed shelter from the desert sun.

If you have a tree on your property, a lack of maintenance can render it a danger to your home or a future financial concern.

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When it comes to insurance trees can be a tricky business. If a tree falls on your property and does damage, for example in a thunderstorm) you may be eligible to claim on your home/renters/condo insurance. But only if the damage was sudden and accidental.

However, If the tree was dead because it had not been properly maintained then you might find you don’t have a claim at all. This is because it was your responsibility to maintain that tree.

But fear not! When properly set up, Tree maintenance is pretty easy to do and It shouldn’t take too much of your attention. All it requires is a bit of proactivity.

We recently spoke to Tom Baal, the sales manager from Tip Top Arborists. We wanted to know how people are treating the trees on their property in the AV and what can be done to look after them.

What everyone gets wrong about trees

Many AV residents are unsure where the trees on their property are getting their water. Some wrongly believe that underground aquifers or runoff from a neighbors yard water their tree. The truth is the tree might be going without water and dying slowly.

There are indications that a tree needs attention. Trees will often die from the top down, look for evidence of deterioration at the top of your trees.

If the tree is not producing leaves in the spring, it has likely died or is dormant.

The Antelope Valley often has hot, dry wind that dries out trees and puts them more at risk than in other areas.

Some of the most at-risk trees in the Antelope Valley are the Siberian Elms, Cottonwoods, Willows, and Layland Cyprus. If you have those trees in your yard it is important that they get proper care.

There are a variety of other issues that could be a problem for the trees on your property. These include bugs and disease.

Apps such as Leafsnap or Purdue Tree Doctor help identify the trees on your property and what their needs are.

Talk to an arborist if you’re confused

We recommend talking to an arborist for the right information for looking after your trees.

An arborist will look at the species, location, and maintenance history of the tree to determine the best path. Think of them as tree doctors.

That could mean giving it a trim, installing irrigation systems, or chopping it down if it poses a risk. Often you only need a consultation.

Make sure you use a licensed arborist. Unlicensed handymen often do not come with workers compensation coverage. Most are not legally permitted or do not have the right education to give a tree proper care. Check for certifications and coverage before hiring.

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