Business Insurance and Self-Employment

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Do Self-Employed Workers Need Business Insurance? If you’re self-employed you may not consider yourself a business owner but that’s exactly what you are.  Whether you are a plumbing contractor or freelance web designer, there’s always risk involved with your job. To protect against those risks, you need some type of business insurance.  Many self-employed individuals…

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When Do I Need Business Insurance?

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Starting a business comes with plenty of risks. Some you may anticipate but others you may not expect — a lawsuit, property damage from a fire, equipment theft. The financial consequences of these unexpected events can be steep.  To protect yourself from unknown threats, you need business insurance. Business insurance is a broad category of…

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A Simple Guide To Business Insurance For Realtors

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Why do realtors need business insurance? Most real estate agents are independent contractors who work under a brand name. Realtors provide services to a company like ReMax or Berkshire Hathaway but are not employees. There are specific benefits and windfalls to this status. While being an independent contractor grants you a measure of freedom and…

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