A Parent’s Guide to Car Insurance for Teens

Teen driving in California

The freedom that’s often associated with driving is something most teenage drivers adore, largely because this freedom gives them a taste of adulthood and all the wonderful things that come with it. Unfortunately, the most eager driving class, teenagers, is largely considered to be the most at risk of getting involved in motor vehicle accidents,…

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What to Expect After Filing a Car Insurance Claim?

car insurance claim after an accident

Most people aren’t familiar with the process because they’ve never been in an accident. It’s a good idea to understand how your insurance claim progresses towards a settlement. Car accidents can be stressful. Knowing what to expect can ease your mind and improve the chances of a quick and fair settlement. The faster the insurance…

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Every Hilarious Christmas Mayhem Commercial from Allstate

Christmas is around the corner and we wanted to celebrate by sharing our funniest Mayhem Christmas commercials. Allstate Insurance has been making these commercials for over a decade now and we think they’re some of the funniest on TV. Earlier this year we made a list of our top 21 Mayhem commercials. It was our…

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Allstate’s Hilarious Mayhem Commercials Ranked

Allstate mayhem insurance commercial

Here are our top 20 funny Allstate commercials featuring Mayhem (played by Dean Winters) ruining someone’s day. Let us know what you think in the comments. 1 – Mayhem is your cat Mayhem is the terrible cat you invited into your home creating anarchy and destroying property as it plans your demise. This is the…

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Condo Living for Retirement: The Best Choice for Seniors

Condominiums are increasingly a popular choice for seniors who are planning to retire or who are already retired. They offer a great combination for those who are tired of the maintenance of detached houses but don’t want to live in a restrictive retirement home.  9 out of 10 people over the age of 65 wish…

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Switch or Cancel your Condo Insurance

Sometimes, sticking with your condo insurance provider for many years can pay off in great loyalty discounts or big savings for bundling several insurance policies with the same provider. However, in other cases you could be over-paying and throwing money down the drain for the same coverage.  Just before your policy is up for renewal…

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A Simple Guide To Business Insurance For Realtors

frustrated realtor

Why do realtors need business insurance? Most real estate agents are independent contractors who work under a brand name. Realtors provide services to a company like ReMax or Berkshire Hathaway but are not employees. There are specific benefits and windfalls to this status. While being an independent contractor grants you a measure of freedom and…

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I Only Need 3 Reasons To Stick With Allstate

Allstate Insurance

There are lots of good reasons that I turn to Allstate for my insurance. Allstate’s bundle deals are great value, they hire whole families who stay with the company for generations, they have more individual discounts than most other insurers, and they contribute hundreds of thousands to charitable causes. But these reasons are only skin…

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