5 Tips for Theft Protection this Holiday Season


‘Tis the season for break-ins and theft, when it should be the season for celebration with close family and friends. Well, we wanted to help relieve some stress and fear by giving you some essential tips on how to prevent any robberies happening this year! Leaving the Lights On Empty homes are the prime target…

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Are You Ready to Plan for Retirement?

Couple plans for retirement

Planning for retirement seems to be getting harder as the years pass, and fewer people are talking about it and instead are thinking about it as a near-impossible accomplishment. Well, we know how hard it is to prepare for the future – so we wanted to share a helpful tool from Allstate. A retirement calculator.…

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Should I Rent? Should I Own?

A home for sale

Have you been wondering what makes more financial sense right now for you? Is it time to stop renting and start owning? It’s never an easy, straight-forward answer… so Allstate decided to make this helpful calculator to help you figure out what’s the best financial situation right now for you when it comes to renting…

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Fall Boating Season

Boat on the water

With the change of weather, comes a new set of things to look out for. Here are some things Allstate recommends you look for when it comes to preparing your boat for the Fall. For many parts of the country, people often boat well past the Summer. The weather is often perfect, but when it’s…

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Safety Tips: What To Do After an Earthquake

building after an earthquake

California is no stranger to Earthquakes, but with all the talk about us waiting on that “big one”, it’s hard not to get a little worried from time to time about what to do if any huge earthquakes were to strike. It’s important to remain calm after an earthquake, we know that can be difficult…

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Halloween and Insurance

holiday celebration

Did you know that on Halloween night, insurance claims increase by a whopping 24%? According to 2016’s data from Traveler’s Insurance, it’s an annual trend. Other than New Year’s Eve, Halloween is known for the huge amounts of home break-ins, theft, and property damage in general. An insurance agent in Redding, California explained how in…

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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Planning safe driving

Living in California means warm weather, sandy beaches, and Hollywood dreams, but with all that comes with the risk of living near a fault line, which means earthquakes are a frequent occurrence. Here are some tips to prepare you and your family for earthquakes.  When it comes to your water supply, do the following: Store…

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5 Interesting Facts About Insurance

Facts about insurance

Surprisingly enough, did you know that the Apollo Astronauts were unable to get life insurance, and weren’t even insured by NASA? They ended up creating something called ‘insurance autographs”. Insurance autographs were signed before their launches in hopes that it would be more valuable after the event of their deaths.​ Can you believe that the…

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Sand Fire: How you Can Still Help

The Sand Fire

Although some time has passed since the epidemic of the Sand fire – there are still many who still need our help in the community. There are still several crowdfunding campaigns that haven’t met their goals. Here are some crowdfunding campaigns that still need our help. Firefighter Sergio Loses Home: https://www.gofundme.com/2g3dduf6 Sergio Toscano, one of…

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